New equipment

You don't need a new TV to go digital but you may need some new equipment.

If you have Freeview, IGLOO  or subscribe to SKY, then you’re already watching digital TV, so you don't need to buy anything.

If you’re using a Freeview compatible device such as TiVo or PlayStation 3’s Play TV, you’ve gone digital, too.

The best way to be sure that you’re watching digital TV is to make sure you have an on-screen programme guide and at least 13 channels.

If you haven’t already gone digital, you may need either:


Choosing your equipment

The equipment you need to watch Freeview digital TV or IGLOO is sold through retailers.  If you wish to watch SKY, the company will provide the equipment.

The cost of going digital will depend on your location and what equipment you need, but it’s best to talk to your retailer or an installer about your options.

Instead of buying anything, you may choose to subscribe to a pay-TV service like SKY. These companies will install the equipment you need to watch digital TV in return for a monthly fee.

Your local retailer can provide further information and advice.

Deciding on satellite or UHF aerial

Most New Zealand homes have the option of watching digital TV using a UHF rooftop aerial.

If you live in an area without this option, you’ll need a satellite service such as Freeview satellite or SKY. The Freeview website has a coverage map where you can check what options are available in your area.

Homes in Wellington and Christchurch may also have the option of watching digital TV via cable.

Each way of watching digital TV has different features and benefits.

How to set-up Freeview equipment

Freeview has a helpful tool on it's website that shows you how to set-up Freeview equipment click here to view.

Recording Device

Every video, DVD or older personal video recorder (PVR) will need to be receiving digital TV from a set-top box if you want to keep using it to record.
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