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Consumer Magazine has put together the below tables giving you a guide to the likely costs of Going Digital.

The tables below show the average and highest prices for buying a set-top box, and for installing a set-top box and UHF aerial or satellite dish. The lowest price is not shown as some of these were labour-only.

Tip: Installing a set-top box can be no harder than setting up a new DVD player or some other piece of home theatre. So you can save money by installing it yourself.

Set-top boxes

Set top boxes price guide


Installation price guide

Other charges

Many businesses gave a free quote by phone or email. Others had a charge – $65 on average – to cover the costs of time and travel to check the site. Always ask about travel costs. Some businesses included a travel charge in the package, others charged only for out-of-town travel, and some said they didn’t charge for travel.