NZ’s oldest working telly
goes digital

A 53-year-old television set from the West Coast has been named as New Zealand’s oldest working television.

  • 1. We connected the aerial wires on the television to a Balun connection.
  • 2. We connected an RF (radio frequency cable) to the Balun connection, and plugged it into an RF modulator.
  • 3. We connected the RF modulator to a set top box which was connected to a UHF aerial, and switched it on.
  • 4. We tuned the television to receive a VHF signal coming out of the RF modulator.
  • 5. We sat back and watched digital pictures on the 1958 black and white television.

How to set-up Freeview equipment

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Elva the owner of Oldest Telly

92-year-old Elva Reynolds of Hokitika was named the winner of Going Digital's search for the Oldest Telly competition live on TV One's Breakfast
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